An High-priced Lesson in Lead Based Paint

What is $460,000 worth to you? A fine of this caliber would be devastating to a lot of businesses such as the Pennsylvania Bridge Painting Contractor that received it. According to an post in “Paint Square,” Panthera Painting Inc. was cited and fined by the Occupational Security and Wellness Administration for 38 violations pertaining to excessive exposure to lead and lead dust and many respiratory protection hazards. They have also been placed in the Serious Violators Enforcement Program and will be subject to on-going inspections from OSHA.

“The employer’s refusal to correct the hazards, along with its history of failing to appropriate hazards, demonstrates a clear resistance to worker security and well being and leaves workers vulnerable to possible illnesses and injuries from overexposure to lead and other hazards,” stated MaryAnn Garrahan, OSHA regional administrator in Philadelphia.

“Employers have a legal duty to give workers with protected and healthful workplaces. Be taught more on our affiliated use with – Click this link: tell us what you think. Anything much less is unacceptable.”

Lead paint risk mitigation is essential to organizations that operate about these toxic substances. Supply a healthier atmosphere for you, your personnel and the environment by taking the proper precautions when it comes to renovation or demolition of items containing lead primarily based paint. To get one more way of interpreting this, consider glancing at: guide to lead paint removal. ECOBOND LBP is the ONLY resolution on the market place that not only seals lead paint, but treats it! For less than $.25/sq ft., ECOBOND LBP is an affordable alternative for your business to mitigate these risks to hold your workers secure.. If you have an opinion about food, you will maybe wish to check up about paint a house cost.